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Mobility Solution
Improve Productivity with a mobile team

Whether your business has a team of mobile workers or staff in remote locations, we can help them stay connected and be productive.
Our solutions provide innovative ways to communicate, navigate and build strong working relationships between your staff no matter where they are.

Our consultants can provide a structured approach with a range of solutions based on your business strategy, design and transition.

Strategy consulting help you analyse your business drivers, create use cases, classify user groups, and manage impacts and risks. We provide initial strategy assessments to full strategy assessments across all applicable business units.

Transition consulting are structured to ensure a BYOD deployment works smoothly for your organisation through project management, integration and change management processes.

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We provide a vendor-agnostic design and architecture to implement a solution fully customised to your needs. We can advise on:

  • Network, security and compliance: Recommendations on architecture and high level design, business case assesment and a migration plan. We advise on the most appropriate network security, device security, application security, and data security.
  • Device management: We help setup device management policies, and a device migration plan for your business case.
  • Application management: Setup application management policies, architecture, high level design and development.

Ideal for companies with
  • Innovation,
  • Latest Technology Adoption,
  • Improved Effiency and Productivity
Improved Productivity and Engagement
Staff using their own device are known to be more productive, engaged and satisfied
Create a work environment where your team is using the latest devices and apps which promotes better ways of working.
Improved Security
Security, compliance and privacy concerns are taken care of
Process Management
Follow certified processes and procedures allowing seamless adoption of latest mobility solutions

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Bhagin is a ISO 9001:2015 certified Bengaluru based Indian company specializing in telecommunication products and services, software product development, IT consulting, IT engineering, support and staffing solutions. We differentiate ourselves through our in-depth expertise, broad industry knowledge and practical "hands-on" experience. This enables us to provide quick, innovative and customized solutions to our clients.

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